By Miles Hudson

A revolutionary on the run from a brain-bugging surveillance society. How would we come to live if there could be no secrets: utopia or dystopia?

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Pledger copies on their way!

Hi there 2089 supporters,

It's finally here! For those who pledged for a paperback copy of the "incredible new dystopia imagined by Miles M Hudson" your copies should be on their way to you right now. Please do share your excitement when your copy arrives - see my video here for excitement suggestions! Ebook copies will be on their way soon too. Thank you all for helping to make this book an actual thing!

If you have any issue with receiving your copy (like you've moved and haven't told Unbound, for example) you can get help by emailing   support@unbound.com.

And please please do leave a review when you've had a chance to read it. Reviews are crucial for getting a book noticed, and I know we're all super keen for it to catch the attention of Hollywood producers! Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, wherever, do share the love.

2089 book tour news at https://mileshudson.com/events/

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