100 Voices

By Miranda Roszkowski

100 years after getting the Vote, 100 female writers share their story

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Why have seconds when you can have thirds?!


This week has been incredible. Last Sunday I stopped relentlessly checking the funding page to see if anyone had pledged for a few hours and got on with my life. I went for a long walk, listened to the radio and cooked a roast (Anna Jones you are a gift from above). Then, quickly, before watching a film I dared to look. I was stunned. The funding had jumped up. Several people had contributed- including a huge donation by the writer Paula Hawkins. I'm so grateful to her and the 100 Voices writer who brought the project to her attention. It was a great boost when things had been slowing down, and I felt a little bit worn out by the campaigning. That huge vote of confidence has been accompanied by a really great week of pre-orders and momentum is gathering!

On Tuesday I announced two new writers for the project, Abda Khan and Yvonne Battle-Felton. Both are experienced and award winning writers, with Yvonne currently longlisted for the Women's Prize and Abda having recently sent her own book to print via Unbound. I can't wait to read their work when it hits print.

Because I fervently believe we will get there. The next funding third is crucial, because if we make it I think the book is a given. And because all of you believe in it. Each and every one has already played a part in making this book come into existence. On behalf of all 100+ writers, thank you! Please tell everyone you know you've supported us.

This week I also met, in person, Lucy Simm, a writer and artist who you can hear tell her moving story about setting up Mothers Who Make in Halifax and her fertility journey on the 100 Voices podcast. Was a total joy (though we didn't have time for gin). Sort of blew my mind that this project was building connections like that, without being too new age, we're all making this book happen, writers and supporters alike. 

If you want to be more involved email me, especially if you have any ideas on companies that would like to sponsor us, or media outlets who might be interested. Or just to say hi, I miss you. Miranda.roszkowski@gmail.com 

And for everyone on the list in the photo - get in touch. I promised a special reward for those taking us to the next milestone and I will deliver! 

Have a great weekend all! Sorry if there are too many of these !!!

Team #100voices forever,




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