100 Voices

By Miranda Roszkowski

100 years after getting the Vote, 100 female writers share their story

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

What day of the week is it anyway?

Midweek, Hump-day, Odin’s Day… It is exactly one week until our Lockdown Lift-Up.

The days have been bleeding into another for a while,but however you’re choosing to identify today, here at 100 Voices one thing is for certain, on Wednesday 28th October from 8pm we will be getting together with our friends to raise our spirits, and hopefully some funds for our book of 100 women writers. Sound fun? Click here to find out more..

We are doing this because with half of England, much of Scotland and all of Wales and Northern Ireland in some form of lockdown again, but this time with more rain, we need something to look forward to. I hope you and yours are doing OK. It is tempting to want to stay in bed, but to be honest I find the best thing to get me into proper trousers and leaving the house (figuratively) in these decidedly grey times, is to chat to my friends and family, even if it is virtually. 

So as we aim to please at 100 Voices, next Wednesday we have the delight of cabaret performer Ada Campe hosting our very first virtual quiz, to bring you laughter, performances, mind-boggling riddles and most importantly, a chance to join your friends across the street, borough or country as part of our Lockdown Lift-Up

During the quiz there will be breakout rooms where you can confer, chat and raise a glass, all while helping to support an important project. And celebrity comic Lloyd Langford has even put together a few fiendish questions he’ll be calling in to deliver. Plus you’ll get a virtual goodie bag to say thanks for coming, and you could win the big prize!

So who would you have in your dream team? I’ve posted one of mine on twitter today, let us know who’ll be in yours. 

But failing Mastermind champions, what about your Auntie Dot or University pal Jeff? Pick up to 5 good ‘uns and register your team here. Tickets cost £10 and all of the money goes to our Unbound fundraiser without a booking fee. You can join with one click here. If your teammates haven’t bought the book yet they might need to register with Unbound but it’ll only take a few minutes, and as a supporter they will have access to a few exclusive events we’ll be running this Autumn to keep spirits high. 

As of today we are at 77% and the quiz could see us reach that fabulous 80%

Now that is uplifting! 

Have a great day, whatever you’re calling it. 


PS Teams are made up of 5 screens - two people to a screen (so you could have up to 10 people!)

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