100 Voices

By Miranda Roszkowski

100 years after getting the Vote, 100 female writers share their story

Thursday, 12 December 2019

We’re at 50%! Happy democracy day friends.

As we take to the polls (have you voted yet?) I wanted to share a bit of 100 Voices news, joy and a special offer!

100 Voices all started with a vote, after all.  I set it up the project to celebrate 100 years since a selection of women were first permitted to vote.  It was a small difference and a huge step forward for women. But 101 years later, young women are still the least likely demographic to vote. 

Why? Which brings me to the second part of what the 100 Voices project is about - hearing women’s stories. Because even in today’s world of information overload, stories in the media, film, publishing are dominated by men and if you ca n’t see (or hear) it, you can’t be it.

I don’t need to tell you all that, you’re already backing us. And the great news is we are half way to getting over 100 brand new stories into the world in our 100 Voice book!

We are currently at 51% funded with almost 300 people backing us. THANK YOU! Your support means we can keep going through the dark winter nights knowing this time next year we could be holding our book of women’s stories all about achievement, in our mitts.

What’s more every day in December up until Christmas Eve you can hear the stories that started it all off! We’re halfway through our advent calendar - the 100 Voices Holiday Hullabaloo. Check it out here

And to top off our celebrations we are offering 15% off purchases of the hardback until 24 December. Enter the code XMASVOICES at the checkout.

Please take a peek at our calendar and share it with your friends! https://calendar.myadvent.net/?id=49ff72b3413b9ea104d09e26f03039e9

And thanks again for backing us. 

Don’t forget to vote! 


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Miranda Roszkowski
 Miranda Roszkowski says:

If you’re in London some of our 100 voices writers are reading at Pages Cheshire Street from 7pm. Come!

posted 12th December 2019

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