100 Voices

By Miranda Roszkowski

100 years after getting the Vote, 100 female writers share their story

Monday, 11 January 2021

We did it! 100 Voices is 100 % going to happen

Happy New Year! I am overjoyed that my first message to you all in 2021 is to tell you that the book is fully funded.

I have spent most of the day dancing. 

We reached 90% last week and it’s been an amazing seeing the project build momentum over the week! Wow. Thank you so much to all our new supporters who have gotten us over the line and secure the future of this book! 

And to all of you, those who have been with us for nearly 2 years (!) as well as our newest friends, I want to pass on the huge gratitude from all our 100 Voices authors, but especially from me. You, like us, believe that female stories should be heard, and our voices count.

Every single one of your names, or the names of those you’re gifting the book to, will be in the back of the book. Because you’ve made this book a reality! In a tough period for many, I hope having this good news is extra special. 

We couldn’t have done it without you, thank you thank you. 

You’ll get updates from Unbound on progress towards publication. The first thing is to get all of our pieces together, then they get edited and the Unbound team organise typesetting etc. It’ll be a little while before you can hold this beauty in your hands, but it will happen. And I can asssure you the book is going to be brilliant, with each one of our authors sharing their stories in a different way, bringing their unique experience and way with words to the collection. You’ll be first to enjoy it!

You can, as always, find us on twitter @100voices100ye1, on instagram @100voices100years or you can check our website www.100voicesfor100years.com which I’ll be updating shortly. 

In the meantime I’m chilling the champagne for a socially acceptable hour to pop it open. Oh hold on, it’s lockdown… cheers!

Miranda xxxxxxxxx

PS If you’re into this Unbound thing and want something to inspire the younger feminist in your life, one of our authors Ros Ball is making a gorgeous, illustrated book, which looks at successful women leaders across the world, called Women Who Won. I’m supporting it! Here’s the link https://unbound.com/books/women-who-won


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