100 Voices

By Miranda Roszkowski

100 years after getting the Vote, 100 female writers share their story

Friday, 10 May 2019

May-king headway (and news of a Birthday)

Hello everyone, wishing you Happy May, royal child celebrations, footballing glory, Iron Throne speculation and above all, an escape from the rain that has been drumming on the boat for what seems like eternity...

We are almost one hundred days into our crowdfunding project! On 16 May we will be celebrating not only that but the anniversary of the 100 Voices For 100 Years podcast reaching our goal of sharing 100 stories, to celebrate women's voices and commemorate a century of women's voting rights.

At a birthday, people often take stock of their achievements. As that's what we're all about at 100 Voices I thought I'd share a few. Last Year, we brought together a huge group of diverse writers sourcing them all over the UK, from different backgrounds, ages, locations, sexual identities, physical abilities and stages in their careers. All in the name of showing the wealth of female talent available and aiming to flood the world with some new ideas of what it is to be a woman. Since then, we've decided to make a book, been taken on by Unbound, added a number of high profile writers to the author list and raised a whopping 40% of our target from over 200 supporters. 

That last bit is of course thanks to all of you generous and brilliant people. You are now fully fledged members of this ragtag team. Welcome! 

For our birthday we have some exciting news so keep an eye out. I would also love to get the book as close to 50% funded, as possible. That might just be 41 per cent but hopefully you'll tell your friends about why you've supported us and they'll all want to join you in making this book happen. If you're on the social media, you can follow us on twitter @100voices100ye1 or Instagram @100voices100years and there's a Facebook group too. 

We're also looking for partner organisations, so if you know businesses or organisations who share our values, do point them our way. It's a great opportunity for them to prove they back women's voices, and for us to show we're making a difference.

We are getting there and are hugely grateful to every one of you. I fully believe that with this team behind us, we will get there, rain or shine.

Off to dance around a Maypole,

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