100 Voices

By Miranda Roszkowski

100 years after getting the Vote, 100 female writers share their story

Friday, 1 October 2021

968 days

Sometimes it's a numbers game. 

968 days ago we launched the crowdfunding campaign to make 100 Voices, our book of 100 women writers on achievement. 263 days ago - on 11 January this year, we reached our target. Now, years and many life events later, we are about to close the supporters list, with the wondow extended to the 3rd October. Once that happens people can still buy the book, but they won't get their names etched into the history of this unique publication. If you know anyone who wants to be included and join our merry band of 511 supporters - please forward on!

We are still designing the cover - I'll let you know as soon as we have it. And a couple of weeks ago we received the final Foreword by Deborah Frances-White. It's absolutely fantastic. It made me laugh, cry and snarl with rage. It made me want to do more to amplify the voices of women. To fight for our rights to be treated as the humans we are and not be limited by gender or appearance or anything else. I can't wait for you to read it. It is so good! We are very lucky to have Deborah on our team. 

We are getting ready. 100 (actually 105) stories by some of the most talented writers in the country will be winging their way to you from March 2022. 

I'm counting down the days....


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