100 Voices

By Miranda Roszkowski

100 years after getting the Vote, 100 female writers share their story

Thursday, 30 January 2020

100 Voices are going to change the world! A bit...

Hello you! 

It’s almost the end of the first month of the decade. It’s been a long one.

The good news is that spring is apparently on the way... and with it some very exciting 100 Voices news. 

Some of you have been with us for almost a year now. What’s happened in that time? Some pretty life changing stuff I hear from social media and events - I’m not saying it’s ALL due to your amazing foresight in backing the best collection of new female writing talent out there, but you know, it might help.

We have had a good month, raising around £500. That’s floored me in January and if that momentum continues we’ll be sure of getting our book on the shelves. 

We have limited time left. I’ll keep you posted on that, but crowdfunding can’t go on forever! But all of you waiting for the book can’t wait forever either and all 100 of us writer people want to get you your copies ASAP. 

We also want to change the world a bit. So this year we’re focusing on sharing the inspiration. 7 of our writers, all of whom are working, established storytellers have offered to give up their very precious time to give our supporters a dedicated session to talk about how they can get their story heard. They’ll offer coaching, feedback and answer questions to the lucky people who purchase that reward. I’ll do another update when that’s all live revealing who our magnificent seven are!! 

We’re also going to run a big “How to..” event where our writers will pass on their amazing life stories, help us to find our voices and have a good old meet and chat session. More on that coming soon including special guests...

So stay with us, and share this with your friends.

100 Voices is a collection of women writers who made it happen. Whether you want to know how to write a best seller, find a new life after a set back, ride a motorcycle or make lemon curd, these amazing writers can show you how. 

Help us to get our voices heard!


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