100 Voices

By Miranda Roszkowski

100 years after getting the Vote, 100 female writers share their story

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

100 supporters and counting!

Hello everyone,

We have over 100 supporters! 

What an awesome way to kick off our crowdfunding campaign proper, as we announce to the world what we are doing with our official launch on 6 March 2019.

It's been really exciting to see more of our friends and family joining our supporters over the last few weeks. I've been battling time difference and lack of wifi while on a backpacking trip to check in with the funder, but every time the number goes up it's been a thrill as it means we are a few steps closer to getting 100 women's stories (100!!) from all over the UK out there, showing the world there are a huge number of different female stories to be heard, challenging the idea of womanhood we see so frequently. And we're doing it!

Now we are only a couple of days away from International Women's Day and having just been on my travels it's pretty interesting to think about how that one idea has made a huge difference in places around the world. In India for example, it seems you can get 25% off in most clothing stores in Delhi if you're a woman...

That's probably not the best thing about IWD but either way we are CELEBRATING this remarkable day with our official launch today!

Thanks to all who have supported already, it means a huge deal to me and about 100 other writers that you share our love of the project. I would ask one more favour - talk to people about the funder, share the fact that you're helping to make this book happen. You are the reason it will become a reality and we want you to be part of our team. As it's our launch day, if you're on social media please join in the discussion, do all the "likes" retweets and share share share.

More news - Launch party #1
As if that wasn't exciting enough, we are hosting a very exciting launch event in Manchester to celebrate our OFFICIAL status and of course, international women's day. It is going to be a fantastic night with readings from (some of) our Manchester writers Felicity Goodman, Ciara McVeigh, Reshma Ruia and Joanna Howard. We've also got Comma Press coming along to talk about the barriers in publishing, the People's History Museum to discuss protest movements (as we'll be in the home of the Suffragettes the Pankhurst Centre) and Emily Morris to talk about how you can make it work as a writer on low income. If you are anywhere near, please join us! If you have Manchester friends or family please share the event too. And there's wine.

Thanks again, and remember sharing is caring. We care about a world where women's voices are heard, so do join us in a great big shout as we tell the world: WE HAVE ARRIVED 
Fund! Share! Talk! Come drink wine...

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