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100 Voices

By Miranda Roszkowski

100 years after getting the Vote, 100 female writers share their story

Biography | Feminism
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Publication date: March 2022

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A one-off opportunity for a 30 minute mentoring session with an established writer, in person or a call, to talk through your creative project, problem or idea. Writers offering their time include: Yvonne Battle-Felton (Womens Prize longlist) Abda Khan (Guardian) Sabrina Mahfouz (Royal Court, Globe Theatre), Sophie Haydock (Sunday Times) Alison Hitchcock (Points of Light Award), Alexandra Keelan (BBC, Manchester HOME) and Louise Jensen (Not The Booker Prize nominee). More details on the writers are available in our Updates section.
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Finding your creative voice at work

A half-day workshop for 15 of your colleagues on creative thinking and problem solving for your business or organisation, facilitated by experienced communications professionals (who feature in the book). Looking at unlocking your imagination and how to apply creative strategies to workplace issues, such as through creating a culture of innovation and team cohesion and developing an open environment where colleagues are empowered to use their voices to positively contribute to your workplace. The final session will be tailored to your needs and workshops can be facilitated in your chosen venue. Includes 15 signed copies of the book.
In person or by Skype. Facilitator's travel not included.

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When did you learn to speak up?

100 Voices is a collection of stories by women writers all about finding their voice.

With contributions by award winning writers like Yvonne Battle-Felton, Sabrina Mahfouz and 98 others that you’ll soon know the name of, and a foreword by Deborah Frances-White of the Guilty Feminist, this powerful collection of true stories features moving, comic and inspiring accounts by female identifying writers from around the country.

In a country in which only 30 per cent of MPs are women, where women’s lit rarely makes the table at bookshops and films by women are ignored by award ceremonies, it is ever more important to give women the space to tell their stories. 100 women from across the country with a multitude of experiences have come together to build that space. What’s more; their stories are brilliantly crafted, innovative and previously unheard.

From a 17-year-old learning to take a leap into on the unknown, to the 70-year-old political campaigner, a refugee learning British customs, a mother overcoming grief and the dance champion learning to deal with failure, the stories are as diverse as their authors. Funny, profound, everyday and life-changing, they are all inspiring.

Contributors include: Guilty Feminist creator Deborah Frances-White (foreword); Women’s Prize long-listed author Yvonne Batlle-Felton; bestselling thriller writer Louise Jensen; playwright in residence at the Globe Theatre, Sabrina Mahfouz; disability campaigner Isabelle Clement; and observational writer and Twitter queen Miranda Keeling. A full list of writers can be found at


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  • Miranda Roszkowski avatar

    Miranda Roszkowski

    Miranda Roszkowski is a writer and civil servant currently living on a boat somewhere on Britain’s waterways. She has worked with the National Theatre Wales and Royal Court playwrighting programmes and has had fiction published in print and online, including through Birkbeck’s Mechanic’s Institute Review, which she has previously edited. She is the host and curator of the spoken word night There Goes The Neighbourhood in Hackney, London (“Clapton’s cosiest literary salon” - by popular opinion) and is currently working on her first novel. Most importantly, she is passionate about great stories and who gets to tell them.

  • If I say it out loud by Branwen Davies
    If I say it out loud it has to happen right? That’s been my mistake in the past. Keeping it to myself. Allowing myself to just day dream. But if I say it out loud, I have to go through with it. Make it happen. I’m good at dawdling and skirting around and let’s face it, excuses. Nothing will change unless…well unless I change it and I’m running out of excuses. Maybe running out of time.
    So I choose my most sceptical friend. The one I think will laugh the loudest and convince me that I’m going insane. I drag her out for a drink. Only she doesn’t laugh. She says go for it. So now not only have I said it out loud I have validation and encouragement too!
    I’m stuck. Agitated. Biting at the bit. Needing to do something. Go somewhere. Anywhere. Hell I’m bored and even worse feeling boring. I need to shock my senses. Scare myself a little. Take a risk.
    I’m in my favourite Japanese restaurant and over a bowl of steaming ramen I’m thinking – Japan!
    A week later a letter arrives and I recognise sceptical friend’s scribble. A postcard and a cutting from a newspaper and I spit out my coffee and I’m like – What the fuuu - Do you want to live in Japan? Can you teach English? Be there by September!
    Is this real? I mean, I’d pulled out September from mid air when I told her bold as brass after my third glass of wine that I was going to move to Japan and that I was going to be there in 9 months and…oh my god - this is my green light!!
    There’s a small matter of an interview first but…I can pull that off right?
    Everyone is in suits. Grey suits. I don’t own a suit. I’m in blue. Bright blue and purple. Purple with a splash of pink. Neon pink. And you know. Yellow shoes. With pink bows.
    I’m sweating. Squirming. He’s frowning at me – the big boss guy, and he’s asking me, in front of everyone, like thirty of the suited ones – what possessed you – what possessed you to come to dressed like that?
  • Miranda Roszkowski has written 2 private updates. You can pledge to get access to them all.

    1st March 2022 We did it

    You may have received a very special email this week - your books are being dispatched. We did it! 

    Weekend before last I signed 250 books which will be making their way to some of you. I wrote in every one, “We did it!” I meant it - you are a huge part of making this happen. And writing those words made me feel proud every time. 

    We’ve come a very long way since our first podcast in 2018. We…

    6th February 2022 Sometimes you have to look back to look forward

    It’s 4 years since we started.

    “I am in the early stage of planning a project that is a bit ambitious but, I reckon, could be quite fun and maybe even important."

    That was part of an email I sent to around 70 people on 14 January 2018, to tell them about the podcast I hoped to run over 100 days, sharing a different story of achievement each day. The story should be true, and by a woman…

    6th December 2021 Merry Christmas from 100 Voices - what's happened in 2021?

    Dear supporters!

    Wishing you the very best for the festive season! I hope you’ve had a good Diwali, Chanukah, Bodi Day, International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Sinterklaas, Office Party or other seasonal festival and are feeling that this December is a time for celebration. 

    This time last year we were celebrating our fundraiser “Not the Office Party” which was one of my favourite events…

    1st October 2021 968 days

    Sometimes it's a numbers game. 

    968 days ago we launched the crowdfunding campaign to make 100 Voices, our book of 100 women writers on achievement. 263 days ago - on 11 January this year, we reached our target. Now, years and many life events later, we are about to close the supporters list, with the wondow extended to the 3rd October. Once that happens people can still buy the book, but they…

    3rd September 2021 You made this book - last chance to get names in!

    Lovely supporter family, we are nearly there. Our publication date is confirmed for March 2022 and as you can see we are in the "Final Design" phase. The big news is we will be closing our supporters list at midnight on 26 September which means it's the last chance to get your names in the book!

    I hope you've had a good summer, despite the grey skies (actual and metaphorical) there have been…

    30th March 2021 Off to the publishers!

    Happy Spring, Easter, Pesach, Persian New Year, Holi, Lailatul-Baraat, lockdown easing...

    On this sunny Tuesday it feels like there is a change in the air and plenty to mark, or celebrate. And as part of that I am absolutely thrilled to let you know that I have submitted the 100 Voices manuscript to Unbound! 

    I’ve spent the last two months chatting to our writers, and even adding…

    11th January 2021 We did it! 100 Voices is 100 % going to happen

    Happy New Year! I am overjoyed that my first message to you all in 2021 is to tell you that the book is fully funded.

    I have spent most of the day dancing. 

    We reached 90% last week and it’s been an amazing seeing the project build momentum over the week! Wow. Thank you so much to all our new supporters who have gotten us over the line and secure the future of this book! 

    And to all of you…

    22nd December 2020 Hello 2021! 100 Voices end of year thank you and Happy Holidays!

    Dear supporters, we are nearly there, just 8 copies from 90%!

    This one is to say a huge THANK YOU for all of your help, patience and amazing cheer during this strange old year. I hope wherever you are you are healthy and are able to get a break this Christmas. 

    I know for many it will have been a year to forget, but I wanted to give a quick run down of the year for 100 Voices to share some of…

    10th December 2020 85% funded. Let's have a party (details enclosed)

    Hi everyone, 

    A very quick update to share the good news - we are now 85% funded!

    I am absolutely thrilled to bits that we’ve reached this milestone, a massive thanks to all of you for telling your friends and spreading the word about our book of stories by 100 of the most talented writers in the UK (who happen to be female). These stories need to be shared, and we are very close now to making…

    27th November 2020 Black Friday 25% off for feminists and friends

    Happy Friday. 

    It's been quite a week (Tier 3 tears, anyone?) but the only Black Friday we want to tell you about is the one with many bargainous books, running at Unbound today. 

    Between 10am and midnight today, you or your friends can get a whopping 25% off any reward up to £75. That means that instead of £25 the book is £18.75, so please do forward this to friends who might be interested…

    17th November 2020 Light in the Darkness

    Hi all, I wanted to share some brilliant news! We have hit 80% funded, with less than 30 copies to go before our next big milestone! We’re so close now. And we are launching a very beautiful Gift Certificate to wow your loved ones. 

    The festive season is, thanks to Lockdown 2.0, well and truly here. Yesterday I saw not only a lit up tree but a house with a fairly-light reindeer and flashing Merry…

    21st October 2020 What day of the week is it anyway?

    Midweek, Hump-day, Odin’s Day… It is exactly one week until our Lockdown Lift-Up.

    The days have been bleeding into another for a while,but however you’re choosing to identify today, here at 100 Voices one thing is for certain, on Wednesday 28th October from 8pm we will be getting together with our friends to raise our spirits, and hopefully some funds for our book of 100 women writers. Sound fun…

    11th September 2020 Back to School...

    Etcha-sketch and Grange Hill vibes

    Happy Friday to our 383 supporters! Welcome to our new friends and hello again to our pals who have been with us since the start. Another season turns and I am THRILLED to say we have raised 13 of 17 grand. We’re at 76% funded. Over three-quarters there.

    We’re not stopping. We are driving to get to 80% funded this month. Once that happens, we will be rolling…

    24th July 2020 70% and counting - things are happening!

    Happy #friyay everyone, it’s finally here. And what a week it’s been!

    The world is moving fast and slow at the moment, but for 100 Voices it has been an outstanding couple of weeks. Welcome to our amazing new supporters – there are now 366 of you and you have taken us over 70%. We’re under 20 copies from 75% funded. A huge milestone.

    I’m not sure I would have believed it two weeks ago, but…

    1st July 2020 10 sponsored copies available now!

    We have NEWS!

    The brilliant team at Croydon Cycle Theatre are offering a special reward to help access our brilliant book of 100 writers coming together to make women’s stories count. Every penny we make on our crowdfunder goes to getting our book on the shelves, sharing 100 true stories of women’s lives today. We’re doing it because we believe women’s voices need to be heard, and our writing should…

    15th May 2020 You’re invited to a party!

    It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote an update, but time feels very fluid at the moment. I hope you and your families, friends, neighbours are all well.

    For me, the thing getting me through is the stories of lockdown love-ins, of socially distanced socialising. It’s scary out there, but a smile from a stranger rarely goes wrong in my book. That, and getting dressed up to go to the “theatre…

    29th March 2020 Cheer in times of change. And change again.

    *News flash* This Tuesday 31 March at 6.30pm UK time we are coming to your house! 100 Voices writers are sharing stories at the online Stay At Home literary festival and you’re invited. Click this link at 6.30pm. Please do tell your friends to come along to find out about what we do and help us in the last push to get our book of 100 women writers funded.

    But before we get to that, how are you?…

    6th February 2020 Introducing... our mentors

    Today we are launching a whole new reward! 

    7 of the best writers in the United Kingdom (in my opinion, but also in the bookshelves and reviews, you know) have offered to provide a once-in-a-lifetime chance of a creative consultation. There’s more on who is giving you this brilliant opportunity further down. But first, a quick story. 

    I couldn’t spell my surname until I was 7. It’s long…

    30th January 2020 100 Voices are going to change the world! A bit...

    Hello you! 

    It’s almost the end of the first month of the decade. It’s been a long one.

    The good news is that spring is apparently on the way... and with it some very exciting 100 Voices news. 

    Some of you have been with us for almost a year now. What’s happened in that time? Some pretty life changing stuff I hear from social media and events - I’m not saying it’s ALL due to your amazing…

    31st December 2019 Happy New Year and thanks to all of our supporters!

    2019 was an exciting year for 100 Voices. We started the year with the kernel of an idea - what if we took our podcast of over 100 women’s stories about life in the UK, 100 years after women got the vote - and made it a book!

    With the dream of boosting the visibility of women writers and the audibility of their stories we signed a book contract with the publisher Unbound and started our quest…

    12th December 2019 We’re at 50%! Happy democracy day friends.

    As we take to the polls (have you voted yet?) I wanted to share a bit of 100 Voices news, joy and a special offer!

    100 Voices all started with a vote, after all.  I set it up the project to celebrate 100 years since a selection of women were first permitted to vote.  It was a small difference and a huge step forward for women. But 101 years later, young women are still the least likely demographic…

    24th October 2019 The Voices of Windrush

    In a special feature to mark Black History Month, writer and performer Natalie Twum-Barima records an exclusive poem for 100 Voices for 100 Years. It’s a moving tribute to the families of Windrush through the imagined voices of those that took the journey. We’re thrilled that Natalie is going to be one of the writers that will be featured in the beautiful book we’re making (see below for more details…

    11th October 2019 100 Voices - Message from Ros...

    Hello, I’m Ros Ball, one of the 100 voices. Miranda has passed me the pen to bring you an update as we continue our push to get our stories heard.

    Last week a group of the 100 voices writers met in a Bill’s restaurant in Holborn, London because it has a hidden history. It was the HQ of the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), a group better known as the suffragettes. There’s no blue plaque…

    23rd August 2019 It's here... ☀️☀️☀️

    Hey 100 Voices supporters, hope you're about ready for a baking Bank Holiday.  As if the weather wasn't exciting enough we are beside ourselves at 100 Voices, as we have just 20 copies to sell before we get to the half way mark! 

    Phew. It's been a great triumph to get this far and they tell me that once we got that magic 50, it's all downhill. Please tell a friend about us over your many picnics…

    5th July 2019 Womenspire Wonderland

    This Thursday I had the total honour of giving a reading from the 100 Voices book at the Womenspire Awards in Cardiff. The event is an annual hootenanny celebrating women from all over Wales, especially those working in their community to bash down all sorts of barriers relating to inclusion and women's equality. 

    I arrived while the team behind the event, employees of the women's equality charity…

    26th June 2019 Guess who made the Top Ten?

    Summer is here! 

    I'm typing feverishly in order to claim that as I write - the SUN IS OUT. As someone who has spent a lot of time outside recently, this is big news.

    More big news is that it will soon be 5 months since 100 Voices launched on Unbound, 5 months of campaigning, coercing and collaborating with new friends to make our book even more amazing than it was when we first deep-winter-dreamed…

    15th May 2019 Birthday treats for Guilty Feminists

    This week 100 Voices is celebrating its birthday! It's a year since our podcast of true stories by women writers from all over the UK culminated on 16 May 2018 (check out

    We're hoping these moving, funny and inspiring stories all about achievement will be shared with even more people through our beautiful Unbound book. To mark the anniversary we are jumping…

    10th May 2019 May-king headway (and news of a Birthday)

    Hello everyone, wishing you Happy May, royal child celebrations, footballing glory, Iron Throne speculation and above all, an escape from the rain that has been drumming on the boat for what seems like eternity...

    We are almost one hundred days into our crowdfunding project! On 16 May we will be celebrating not only that but the anniversary of the 100 Voices For 100 Years podcast reaching our goal…

    6th April 2019 Why have seconds when you can have thirds?!


    This week has been incredible. Last Sunday I stopped relentlessly checking the funding page to see if anyone had pledged for a few hours and got on with my life. I went for a long walk, listened to the radio and cooked a roast (Anna Jones you are a gift from above). Then, quickly, before watching a film I dared to look. I was stunned. The funding had jumped up.…

    6th March 2019 100 supporters and counting!

    Hello everyone,

    We have over 100 supporters! 

    What an awesome way to kick off our crowdfunding campaign proper, as we announce to the world what we are doing with our official launch on 6 March 2019.

    It's been really exciting to see more of our friends and family joining our supporters over the last few weeks. I've been battling time difference and lack of wifi while on a backpacking…

    13th February 2019 We are off!

    Hello everyone! 

    I am totally thrilled to say that the 100 Voices book is on its way to becoming a fully fledged reality. It's a hugely important book full of new talent and stories that have not been given the platform they deserve - until now.

    What is it? 

    A year ago, I launched a project to commemorate the centenary of the Act that allowed the first women in the U.K to vote, and celebrate…

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    Scarlet Hellard asked:

    Hi, I run a youth programme throughout the summer and autumn. I am interested in your workshop pledge but had a couple of questions before hand such as travel distance, workshop capacities, available dates etc. Could you please email me on: so we can discuss more. Happy to order via unbound if it's still a good fit for my programme. Thanks

    Miranda Roszkowski
    Miranda Roszkowski replied:

    Hello Scarlett have just seen this huge apologies. I’ll email you in the next day! Miranda