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From pitching your book to production, we’re here to guide you through the whole process – cover to cover.

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Why Unbound?

Well, we're glad you asked. Our platform helps get your project off the ground and funded. And we provide all the services you’d expect from a traditional publisher, too. Like turning your manuscript into an actual, tangible book.

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Editorial expertise

Our team of in-house experts makes every part of the process seamless. From design to production – they’ve got it covered.

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Project fulfilment services

We also take care of all the tricky bits. Like production and distribution. And, we’re your very own customer support department.

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Crowdfunding with Unbound

Books are our kind of thing. In fact, we’re the world’s only crowdfunding platform dedicated to bringing books to life.


All of the staff at Unbound that I've worked with have been professional without being intimidating, and have been a great help in helping with my video pitch and advising me on how to sell my idea.

Lucy Crehan, author of Cleverlands

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Publishing a book with Unbound

From pitching to crowdfunding, production to publicity, the Unbound team will guide you through the whole process.

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Fund your idea

Our community of book lovers has pledged over £2 million, and fully funded over 60% of our projects.

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Connect with your readers

Our platform directly connects you to your readers. It’s a totally new way to interact and engage with your fans.

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The Unbound community

Share your stories, trials and tribulations: connect with other creators from the Unbound community.

We really love making books

We’re at our happiest producing beautifully designed books for Unbound creators and readers.

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Extra-special editions

Hardback, paperback or digital? Either way, it’ll always be beautifully designed and typeset. No exceptions. (Sorry.)

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Award-winning designs

From concept to delivery, we work with a network of innovative and distinguished designers to develop your perfect book cover.

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Unbound creativity

Unbound’s new way of publishing empowers creators, giving you more artistic freedom. It’s your book, after all.

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Frequently asked questions

  • That's great news! We’re always keen to hear about new projects. The first step is to submit your idea to our commissioning editors, telling us about yourself and your project.

    The more detail about your book and your plans for crowdfunding, the better. You should also attach a draft manuscript to help our commissioners in their decision-making process.

  • We put a lot of effort into being completely transparent about where every penny raised goes. Our editorial team will create a costing for each book, which is contractually agreed with the author and breaks down the crowdfunding target.

    The crowdfunding target contains all the costs associated with creating the book including copy and proof reading, typesetting, cover design and printing.

    The target for a project can depend on many factors - the format of a book (digital vs. hardback), whether it's a black and white, text only book, or a full colour photo book. The number of permissions required can also have a considerable impact on the target.

  • A great book is more than an idea, so much of a book is in the telling. A sample of the manuscript helps us, and potential readers, properly consider a project

    It’s important that readers fully understand what they are pledging for before funding begins. The further along the manuscript is the better you will be able to explain it to potential readers, and share material that will encourage them to pledge.

  • We want to find books that excite us, books that engage us, books that have something to say - we want to publish books that matter.

    Secondly, we have to consider whether we think the book is suitable for crowdfunding, what communities and networks we think might fund the book.

Got more questions? Read more author resources in our help centre.